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Our Services

Personal Training

Individual or group sessions designed specifically for your needs. All sessions are designed using specialist training of weight and nutrition management, clinical referral and exercise referral, strength and sports conditioning and lifestyle management to create the perfect training and nutrition package to help you reach your desired goals.

1-1 packages include an initial consultation, full nutrition plan, daily if required) contact through our Facebook groups and individually all based on your needs with no extra cost.

Group personal training incorporates all above but you can train as a couple, a group of friends or with one of our wedding packages for bride and groom, bridesmaids or whoever wants to look their best on the big day.

Strength and Conditioning
Body Building, Toning and Gain
Health and Fitness
Weight Loss and Body Shape
Guaranteed results, or your money back
Why not try ...
12 Week Body Transformation
The No Gym Required
The Challenge

12 week body transformation programme designed to help you lose weight, lose inches, gain muscle, get fitter, get healthier and feel great. 

Over the 12 weeks you get 24-36 individual training sessions designed to help you achieve your goal. In addition you will receive …


  • 2 hour consultation

  • Nutrition plans

  • Weigh-in every 2 weeks

  • Fitness check-ins on weeks 1, 4, 8 and 12

  • Supplement support from Time4Nutrition

  • TEAM NGR Clothing

  • 7 day a week trainer contact and Private Facebook group membership

Personal Training

An 8 week body transformation programme designed to help you lose weight, lose inches, gain muscle, get fitter, get healthier and feel great. Over the 8 weeks you can attend up to 88 different workout sessions that are fun and focus on calorie burning exercises. Boxercise classes are also available free of charge to those who want the extra challenge. You will receive a free bag of protein or workout drink and a custom diet and nutrition plan to help you achieve maximum results throughout your 8 week journey. A little motivation and dedication for 8 weeks can achieve great results.

Average weight Loss in 8 weeks is 10lbs
Average inches lost in 8 weeks is 8
The Challenge
Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition is fundamental in helping your achieve your goal - you are what you eat. No Gym Required provides expert sports nutrition advice and offers bespoke nutrition plans for weight management and strength and conditioning. All plans are bespoke and designed based on individual requirements. Nutrition plans are included in all Personal Training Packages.

70% nutrition and 30% training

Mike is trained in Advanced Exercise and Sports Nutrition and has worked with elite bodybuilders and athletes to help them reach their goals and also designs every nutrition plan for his clients’, individually taking into account their health, weight, intolerances, allergies, goals and also their favourite foods.

Let us help you lose weight, change the way you eat or if you just want some advice on a healthier diet get in touch. 

Diet and Nutrition
Ultimate All-in-One 

Do you want to get fitter, eat better, be healthier and get in shape but don't know where or how to start?


No Gym Required offer a 1 day inclusive wellbeing package delivered to your door. The standard package is detailed below, but this is only a starting point and can be enhanced to meet your needs ... 

A No Gym Required  personal trainer will visit you anywhere in the UK to provide your all-in-one package. A standard package includes ...

  • A 2 hour in depth and detailed consultation

  • 2 x 45 minute training sessions

  • Bespoke nutrition plan to meet your needs

  • Bespoke supplement package

  • 8-12 weeks follow up guidance with 7 day contact

  • Limited edition clothing

To find out more please contact Mike. Please note that prices may vary based on individual needs. 

Guaranteed results, or your money back
Ultimate All in One
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