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Mike designed a workout that I can do at home to fit around my lifestyle along with a diet plan according to my BMI. Can't wait to see the results. Already aching after one PT session. Thank you.



Seeing Mike train people over the past year has shown me anything is possible with him. I've seen people's lifestyles change for the better and the weight loss he achieves for people is tremendous. If you are looking for the right PT, you've found the right guy here.



I'm currently doing the 8-week challenge and only the 2nd session in. Mike is absolutely fantastic, pushes you when you need to be pushed and looks after you when you are in need of a rest. Something that is really great about Mike is that you can get in touch with any time of the day about anything at all and he always responds with great advice and support. 


If you are trying to lose weight or just tone up and get fitter, I would highly recommend him.



I did the eight-week challenge to kick start my healthier lifestyle which then led on to regular personal training with Mike & now I do boxercise classes too. I have 3 very young children & have struggled with injuries which led me to get out of shape & unfit over the last few years. 

Thank goodness I messaged Mike last June halfway through yet another takeaway & bottle of red .... I'm now playing netball again and will continue PT to stay strong not just for my sport ... But to maintain the healthier lifestyle that has led to a healthy mind & body to better take care of my 3 energetic children! 


Thank You so much for your support & making sure my training is specific for my goals.



Mike Harvey’s 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge.


When I first learned of the 8-week body transformation, I must admit I was a little bit skeptical - I've played the dieting game, tried most of the fad diets and played around with different exercising routines without a great deal of success.  But... I'm absolutely delighted the results that I've managed to achieve with Mike's excellent tutelage, guidance, advise and motivation.


Over the last 8 weeks, I've lost a net 12 inches and 18 pounds in weight.  I feel much more energized, my fitness, reactions, speed and strength are better than they have been in many years and my recovery time from strenuous activity is much shorter.


The challenge provides you with the tools you need and really is quite easy (and fun) when you have someone like Mike encouraging you - I have loved attending his varied classes and have found myself following a new, much healthier eating regime without any problems.  In fact, I’ve enjoyed it that much that I've signed up for the next challenge in 4 week’s time and will probably follow on with future challenges.


Go on - Give it a try, I don't think you'll regret it.



Just completed the 8-week challenge with Mike and it was awesome! Signed up again for January and can't wait for more good results!



When I started training with Mike I was in a complete panic after being told by my wedding shop that I needed to loose 6 inches in order to fit into my wedding dress. I had been training hard for over a year and hit a complete wall where the weight and inches had stopped coming off! Within 6 weeks of working with Mike I have lost 11 inches and 11lbs. My fitness is the best it has ever been and I feel much happier within myself.  Mike tailors the programme around your individual needs and genuinely cares if you reach your goals, pushing you to ensure you achieve them. I would highly recommend this service.



After having my son and becoming Newly engaged I wanted to get myself back to a good fitness level and feeling good for my wedding. Mike has given me great support and motivation to achieve my goals. I am currently on his 8-week body transformation challenge week 4 and I have already lost 3.5inches off my waist- also inches of my thighs and hips!! He caters for all and is able to adapt around injury (I have shin splints). A true expert in his field and welcomes all, I'm sure all his clients would agree. 



Mike provides great motivation along with individually tailored programmes! Always enjoy our session even though he makes you work bloody hard!! Well worth the investment! Highly recommended!



I have been training with Mike (no gym required) for around 5 weeks now and can say that the change in my fitness is amazing. I have lots 7Ib which I am over the moon about but the inches and the change in the shape of my body is awesome.  

I find that I am more confident to give things a go and feel a sense of achievement after ever session. Over the last 8 months I have had a number of trainers and have always felt that it is about the money rather than moving forward in my training. No gym required prices are worth every penny with guaranteed results. Mike makes me feel like his goal is to get me to my goal and that pushes me on. 


Ever session is different so I never know what to expect. Every session is harder so therefore I am defiantly getting closer to my fitness goal. I would recommend Mike (no gym required) to anyone, but defiantly those people who are nervous of gyms. Mike offered a free trial at the beginning which I tried and loved. He has provided me with supplements to try before you buy and has given me help with my food and how often I should be eating. 


I am really excited about the next few months and seeing the changes. I am doing a residential with mike and am looking to do some running events too. I think the most important is that I enjoy it.



Great instructor, very knowledgeable, understands people's personal needs and adapts to any limitations people with illnesses may have!



Absolutely brilliant session this afternoon, thank you Mike for a really great workout!! I will be highly recommending you to all, can't wait for more training on a one to one basis and Bootcamp classes! Bring it on!!



 have just finished my 6 week course to get myself wedding dress ready, I can't thank mike enough for his encouragement support to make me work to my maximum.  Mike is extremely professional and he has knowledge of all aspects of fitness and nutrition.  The improvement in my overall fitness and what I am now able to achieve has exceeded my expectation and the cherry on the icing is the compliments from my husband to be and friends on how much more toned slender and healthier I look.  Once again Mike a massive thank you.

Dan Yates


Very knowledgeable, caters for every individual, will definitely get you where you need to be, have witnessed some unbelievable transformations from this guy, no gym, one on one, and most of all, fitness to enjoy in your own environment.

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